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March 13, 2013 06:00 PM PDT
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Michael Sabatini, Legendary drummer of New Jersey based power metal band Attacker joins me on the Metal Meltdown to talk about the bands brand new release, "Giants of Canaan". We had a great conversation about Bobby Lucas, the new vocalist of Attacker, as well as the new bass player, Jon Hanemann. We discussed the 30 year history of Attacker, and we touched upon the Discography. We bring out what led to "Leatherlungs" joining the band, and what shows Attacker has coming up, as well as being signed to Metal on Metal records, and what led to that actuality, and compared this experience to how is was in the beginning of Attacker and being on Metal Blade Records.
There is so much information within this interview, I am looking forward to the next time we have the opportunity to do this. Check out the links below, and support Attacker hungry

March 07, 2013 06:00 PM PST
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Glenn, the frontman, vocalist, songwriter of the band Awaken, returns to the Metal Meltdown to catch up on what the bands is up to. We will talk about the band being singed, and how that process was for them, Also we talk about the changes in Awaken's line up. We also talked about the upcoming shows they have coming here on Long Island, as well as what to expect for the 2nd cd offering from Awaken, check them out hungry

February 28, 2013 06:00 PM PST
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Hellevate, Death/thrash Metal band from Kansas City, Missouri, joined me on the Metal meltdown to talk about their music, and their self titles debut offering. Hellevate has a nice blend of stylings, from bay Area Thrash to more extreme sides. Special thanks to Sean Hadley of Eddies Mates - Music Industry Management, PR and Consulting, for turning me on this talented young band. Check the band out, and support them by getting Merch from one of the links below hungry

February 27, 2013 08:00 PM PST
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Victor Arduini, co founder and original guitarist of legendary band Fates Warning, joins me for an interview to talk about the debut offering from his new band, Freedoms Reign, where he sings and plays guitar is his one and only style. we talked about the upcoming shows, and the possibility of getting a record deal, and all aspects of how the band came together, and the process of recording this debut offering. check them out! hungry
Produced by Nick Belmore (Toxic Holocost/Hatebreed)
Freedoms Reign consists of:
Victor Arduini - Vocals/Guitar
Tommy Vumback - Guitar
Mike Jones - Bass
Chris Judge - Drums

February 21, 2013 06:00 PM PST
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Sensory Defect joins me for an interview on The Metal Meltdown. This talented Death Metal/Metalcore band, originally formed in Florida, and uprooted to Long Island, where they had a few line up changes. They are performing here on Long Island in the upcoming months, and are currently working on the bands follow up to their debut offering - 2009's Delusion.
Can not wait to hear this! Support the band, by checking out their website
below. hungry The band consist of: Christian Contello - Vocals,
Mike Angiolillo - Guitar/Backing Vocals,
Marc Canonico - Guitar,
Kevin Powell - Bass/Backing Vocals,
Doug Osborne - Drums

January 23, 2013 08:00 PM PST
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Angelo Espino, bassist of L.A. power/thrash band Heretic, joined the metal meltdown to talk about the "Time of Crisis" cd, on Metal on Metal records. Also we talked about the roots of Heretic. Heretic is coming to Brooklyn in March, in direct support of Helstar. Special thanks to Sean Hadley and Matt Ferrara for this opportunity. Check the links below and support Heretic hungry

November 17, 2009 12:37 PM PST
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Monday 1 - 4 pm
Wednesday 9 - 11 pm
Thursday 7 - 9 pm
All Times Eastern

January 09, 2013 07:00 PM PST
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Tonight we had Troy Norr of Long Island underground thrash band Cold Steel, joining us for a comphrehensive interview and exclusive world premiere of the bands soon to be released EP " America Idle" Also we will be talking about his band Them, formerly a king diamond tribute band, so sit back relax, add enjoy the show and the tunes that will flow with it.
" America Idle" breaks the 20 year hiatus of NY Underground Thash Metal Band COLDSTEEL

America Idle" single will be released Jan 20th on iTunes,

America Idle" full cd will be released Feb 20th on iTunes, and all other online such as
CD's, 12" Vinyl LP's (Limited to 1,000 units), 12" Vinyl Picture Discs (Limiited to 200 units) will be available through and under the stormspell label.

and just in, we have breaking news that on
April 9th, COLDSTEEL will be direct support for UDO formerly of Accept in COLDSTEEL’s first performance in 20 years. AT the Revolution bar and music hall in Amityville NY, formerly known and Ollies Point as part of

Special pre-order ticket packages can be purchased on in the merch section
created a preorder for the UDO show. tickets are $18 and a show special $25 (Includes a ticket, cd, DL code and poster)!

for more info, go to
To purchase the ticket or ticket package right now!


December 20, 2012 05:51 PM PST
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Pete Maglia of Long Island NY metal act, Saviour, joined me for a 4th time. This time to talk about the upcoming Saviour 3 release, as well as the big show with former Maiden voclaist, Paul Di'Anno, coming up Sunday, January 6th at BB Kings. We also talked about the cancer organiation, 'Magic Happens Foundation', who is sponsering Saviour for this show. Pete will be auctioning of the Pink Guitar that he will be using during this show, to make a donation to the Magic Happens Foundation.hungry

December 19, 2012 07:46 PM PST
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Jeremy Farfan of Brooklyn based Melodic Death metal act, joined me on the Metal Meltdown to spread the word on the bands 1st full official release.
" An Endless Apocalypse" will be done by the third week of February. As the cd release party will be held March 10th at BB Kings in NYC.
Here Winter Nights will be performing in direct support of Nile hungry

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